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Windsor Castle visiting times

A tour of the Great Kitchen lasts 30 minutes, in addition to the standard visit time of two and a half to three hours. All visitors should be aware that the Castle is situated at the top of a steep hill and there are long distances that have to be covered on site.


Manual wheelchairs are available to borrow free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis for the duration of a visit. Mobility scooters can be used in the precinct areas, but not inside the Castle nor the Great Kitchen.


There are five steps up from Engine Court at the Kitchen Tour meeting point. There are a further eight steps down into the State Entrance, where the tour begins, before a ramp takes visitors up into the Undercroft. There are then another six steps up before the tour continues on a more or less level ground, with a couple of slight slopes up and down on the rest of the tour.

Flooring & surfaces

The flooring is a mix of carpet, polished wood and stone.

Respite seating

There is no seating available on a Great Kitchen Tour.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome and water is available upon request, both before and after the tour.


Accessible lavatories are located in Engine Court, near the Kitchen Tour meeting point. Lavatories are locked with a RADAR key. Please ask a warden to unlock them if you do not have your own key.

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VisitingWith Huell Howser #1817 - GLENDORA CASTLE
Visiting...With Huell Howser #1817 - GLENDORA CASTLE
Visiting Windsor Vlog 18/07/2015
Visiting Windsor Vlog 18/07/2015

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