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Restaurants near the Tower of London

AnishaThis is a guest post by Anisha Panchal from West London, currently a resident at urbanest Tower Bridge. She is in her 2nd year studying Dentistry at King’s College London, Guy’s Campus.

Interesting fact: “I’m a black belt in karate”.

“What I love most about London is it’s diversity and the abundance to do. As Samuel Johnson said, ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life'”.

Tower Hill is a fantastic location for so many reasons, but for me (and I’m sure I speak for many others too) the proximity to quality restaurants and great food is unbelievable. Brunch has become a fashionable mealtime of late; it’s perfect for everything from a sociable catch-up with friends, to a date with your special someone, to a hangover cure after a night out – Fresher’s Week ring a bell? Being possibly my favourite meal of the day, I thought I’d write my first post on the best brunch restaurants around London, and in particular, around Tower Hill.

The Breakfast Club

The ever trusting ‘The Breakfast Club’ in London Bridge is around a 20 minute walk over London Bridge from the Tower Hill residence, and if you don’t fancy the walk pop on the RV1 bus which conveniently stops right outside it! Quirky and friendly staff, not to mention, the iconic pineapple lanterns and some retro-décor’ll greet you as you enter the restaurant. Once seated, you’ll be introduced to an abundance of delicious choices from their menu. It’s an understatement to say one is ‘spoilt for choice’, and making a decision is never easy. From the classic Egg Benedict to their all American pancakes, there’s something for everyone and you can be assured to leave in a food-coma state! If you’re in need of something more…substantial, their Breakfast burrito and Pulled Pork sandwich served with skin-on chips are fantastic choices and a great way to satisfy that morning hunger!

No reservations can be made but you can expect queues at this popular restaurant. Brunch at The Breakfast Club won’t set you back too much, with main dishes averaging at £10pp.

Address: 11 Southwark Street, SE1 1RQ



Kopapa in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, combines innovative fusion food with a cosy, almost homely environment. Brunch is served from 9:30-4:00pm at the weekend so you can have your lie-in without a worry. Tucked slightly away from the buzz of the main Covent Garden Square, this cute restaurant is the perfect retreat from busyness and its choice of brunch goodness will guarantee satisfaction and a happy tummy. The staff are always friendly and service is attentive! Popular dishes include the Turkish Eggs with whipped yogurt, an absolute classic (and personal favourite) and the Chorizo Hash. Gluten free options are also readily available for those with dietary requirements and the waiters and waitresses will ensure these are met without any hassle. I would highly recommend the desserts and doughnuts too – if you feel like spoiling yourself a bit!

Reservations are recommended and you’re looking at spending around £15pp.

Address: 32-34 Monmouth Street 
Seven Dials, Covent Garden, WC2H 9HA


If you’d prefer most hustle and bustle in the morning then Balthazar is the place for you. Positioned in the heart of Covent Garden, surrounded by the street performers and keen shoppers of London, you can really catch the essence of the buzz of London life. Serving breakfast from 7:30-11am on weekdays and brunch from 10am-4pm, you can be rest assured that your brekkie cravings will be satisfied! Undoubtedly, ‘Les oeufs’ is where you need to draw your attention to on the menu – their free-range eggs served with a multitude of accompaniments is a winner every time, in my eyes! Have them Florentine, Benedict, Royale or as you wish! A personal favourite is the Scrambled Eggs with Cornish Crab, a delicate and delicious way to start your day! Whilst slightly more expensive, you’re guaranteed quality so perhaps this is best for a more special occasion.

Reservations are recommended and queues can become exhaustive, and on average it will set you back around £20pp.

Address: 4-6 Russell St, WC2B 5HZ

The Folly

Located in Monument within less than a 10 minute walk from the urbanest Tower Bridge, this is a lovely go-to place for a reasonably priced and tasty brunch. As part of the D&M collection, including The Refinery and The Fable, you are guaranteed to immerse yourself into a world of a wonder, relaxation and botanical beauty. Brunch is served until 11am on weekdays and until 2pm on the weekends. The menu choice is fantastic and they even offer sharing platters for 10 people at very reasonable prices. The ‘Californian Kickstart’ is a personal favourite and the ‘Fully loaded’ is a very reasonable £7.95 – perfect for keeping to those student budgets! And why not accompany your meal with one of their many tea choices? This is definitely a convenient venue to have a delicious brunch without breaking the bank.

Reservations are not necessary and you can expect to spend around £10pp.

Address: 41 Gracechurch St, EC3V 0BT


It’s well known that you cannot leave an Italian’s house with an empty stomach and the same can be said for the very local, Lazio. The hearty portions and the location, undoubtedly makes this brunch spot the most convenient and cheap of them all. It is less than a 30 second walk down the road from the Tower Bridge residency and as a “regular” I can vouch for Lazio being the perfect place for that necessary fry-up after a night out! In addition, the friendliness and smiling faces of the Italian owners make you feel more than welcomed. You’re free to make your own brunch combination or you can opt for the classic English Special to experience the full-works of a quintessentially British fry-up.

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